Land Services SA’s datasets are unique, extensive, timely and relate to every property, land transaction and statutory property valuation within the State. In addition to the range of property information products delivered through the SAILIS website, Land Services SA provide our customers access to this data through customised or bulk data products.

The datasets that may be available in a customised data extract, report or product include:

  • Information on land dealings registered by LSSA on behalf of the Registrar-General
  • Information from the recording of data by LSSA on behalf of the Valuer-General, for statutory valuation purposes;
  • Highly accurate location data, with daily updates to land parcel boundaries for all land parcels, resulting from registration of plans for land divisions on behalf of the Office of the Surveyor-General.

There are infinite opportunities to leverage this data for performance reporting, investment proposals, mining projects, cost benefit analysis, research and the preparation of legal document to name a few. To learn more about how Land Services SA works collaboratively with our clients to address business needs and create customised solutions to empower data-driven decisions, helping them succeed and grow, download a copy of the Data Catalogue today.

Extensive, Accurate, Timely Data

As the single source of truth and sole custodian for property transactional and statutory valuation data in South Australia, we maintain over 960,000 property records, collectively relating to every property in South Australia. Titling and Valuation data is updated in real time providing significant benefit to customers.

Bespoke Insights

The land registry and valuation datasets which we administer on behalf of the State can be combined to create a unique set of data that enables our customers in their business to gain insights and assist with decision making.

LSSA is able to develop customised ad-hoc solutions utilising land administration data extracts to meet your business requirements.

Click here to download a copy of LSSA’s Data Catalogue

Contact Land Services SA at [email protected] or 08 8423 5094 to discuss your data requirements directly.

If you are a State or Local Government Agency looking for property data – please direct your enquiries to [email protected] or complete the data request form.

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