Electronic Plan Lodgement (EPL)

Over 98% of plans are lodged electronically in South Australia.

Surveying and lodging organisations electronically submit the following plan types with Land Services SA using the Electronic Plan Lodgement (EPL) system:

  • Deposited Plans
  • Filed Plans
  • Community Plans

There is no additional fee when lodging plans electronically, with the standard plan lodgement fees payable.

Access to EPL

You require and EPL Organisation Account in order to access EPL. Organisation Accounts will only be given to lodging organisations with an Australian Business Number.

Click for more information on EPL Access and Support.

PCplans Application

Land Services SA provide free access to download the PCplans applications, used widely by surveyors in the preparation of plans.

PCplans application

PCplans is an application to capture survey data and confirm mathematical closures from plans registered with Land Services SA.

PCplansMGA application

PCplansMGA enables plan data captured in Pcplans to be tested against MGA coordinates obtained from the Survey Data Base

Please Note: These applications are 32-bit programs and are compliant with Surveyor-General’s Directions for GDA2020.