Duplicate Certificate of Title

The Real Property (Electronic Conveyancing) Amendment Act 2016 (SA) came into effect on Monday the 4th of July 2016 and introduced electronic conveyancing to South Australia. Whilst the integrity and security of the Land Titles Register remain unchanged, the process of transacting property in South Australia has been significantly improved.

The introduction of eConveyancing was accompanied by stringent new Verification of Identity (VOI) and Verification of Authority (VOA) requirements, which ensures Legal Practitioners and Conveyancers take reasonable steps to verify their client’s identity and authority to be a party to a property transaction or dealing. Additionally, the Client Authorisation form was introduced, requiring legal practitioners and registered conveyancers to have explicit authorisation to represent a client in a conveyancing transaction.

These improved processes allowed for the transition to the current eConveyancing environment and replaced the previous necessity for Duplicate Certificates of Title.

As a result, from the 4th of July 2016, the Land Titles Office (LTO) stopped issuing Duplicate Titles and Crown Leases, and Duplicate Titles and Crown Leases were no longer required to be lodged with the LTO when undertaking a property transaction.

The security of property ownership in South Australia and the integrity of the Land Titles Register remains steadfast. Original titles are now stored electronically and copies are available via SAILIS (government regulated fees apply). Duplicate titles can be retained for historical or sentimental value, but no longer carry the same legal significance.

Further information relating to eConveyancing in South Australia can be found via Notice to Lodging Parties 189 or the Land Services SA Website. Alternatively, you can contact Land Services SA on 08 8423 5000 to speak with one of our friendly customer service officers.