Land Services SA publish a range of information relating to products and services, as well as important notices on behalf of the Registrar-General and Surveyor-General.

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  1. pdf 37k 29 Jun 2019

    CIB #334 Fees and Charges 2019-2020

    Fees and Charges 2019-2020
  2. pdf 43k 14 Jun 2019

    NTLP #217 Changes to Approved Forms, National Mortgage Form and…

    Notice to Lodging Parties No. 217,-National-Mortgage-Form-and-Release-RGs-VOI-v5.pdf
  3. pdf 30k 7 Jun 2019

    NTLP #216 Bills of Sale over Water Licences

    Bills of Sale over Water Licences
  4. pdf 71k 9 May 2019

    NTLP #215 PEXA System Release

    Pexa System Release 10.0
  5. pdf 78k 27 Feb 2019

    CIB #333 IGA Review Issues Paper MOR MPR effect and guidance notes…

    IGA Review Issues Paper_MOR_MPR_effect_and_guidance notes_Advisory body
  6. pdf 580k 21 Feb 2019

    Media release - #001 Brand Launch

    Land Services SA has today unveiled an upgraded digital land titles platform, designed to deliver a superior experience for South Australian residents and businesses, and enabling the creation of new products and services. The revamp includes a new
  7. pdf 558k 21 Feb 2019

    Media release - #002 Property Landscape Report

    Land Services SA has today launched the SA Property Landscape Report – among the most comprehensive compilation and analysis of data released on the South Australian residential and commercial property markets. Compiled by professional services
  8. pdf 578k 19 Feb 2019

    Customer Announcement #002 - Land Services SA announces new ways to…

    As part of our ongoing commitment to implementing innovative solutions for the industry, Land Services SA has recently engaged with various stakeholders to identify new ways of improving access to the products and services we offer. Industry
  9. pdf 401k 18 Feb 2019

    Customer Announcement #001 - Brand Launch

    Land Services SA is pleased to announce that our new brand and website have been launched! Please visit to check out our new website. This will provide you with access to all information and resources related to land services. We
  10. pdf 36k 15 Feb 2019

    CIB #332 Automated Electronic Registration of Transfers, Caveats and…

    Automated Electronic Registration of Transfers, Caveats and Withdrawal of Caveats,-Caveats-and-Withdrawal-of-Caveats.pdf