Land Services SA publish a range of information relating to products and services, as well as important notices on behalf of the Registrar-General and Surveyor-General.

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  1. pdf 38k 14 Feb 2019

    CIB #331 Land Services SA Brand Launch

    Land Services SA Brand Launch
  2. pdf 70k 6 Feb 2019

    CIB #330 Budget Measures Legislative Changes

    Amendments to Real Property Act and Real Property Regulations enabling Registrar General to Recalculate and Collect Transfer Fees on the Correct Value.
  3. pdf 67k 5 Feb 2019

    NTLP #214 MGA2020 and revised Surveyor-General’s Directions and…

    MGA2020 and revised Surveyor-General's Directions and Cadastral Survey Guidelines
  4. pdf 279k 15 Jan 2019

    CIB #329 Ministerial decision regarding further mandating of…

    Changes to Prepare Priority Notice Screen
  5. pdf 152k 21 Dec 2018

    NTLP #213 Updated Registrar-Generals Statutory Instruments

    Updated Registrar-General's Statutory Instruments
  6. pdf 70k 13 Dec 2018

    CIB #328…

    Expressions of Interest – Land Services SA and Office of the Registrar-General Advisory Group
  7. pdf 53k 10 Dec 2018

    CIB #327 Office-of-the-Registrar-General-update

    Office of the Registrar-General update
  8. pdf 121k 15 Nov 2018

    NTLP #113 Community Plans
  9. pdf 47k 15 Nov 2018

    NTLP #121 Executions By Corporations
  10. pdf 172k 14 Nov 2018

    CIB #325 Inter-Governmental-Agreement-Review-Survey

    Inter Governmental Agreement Review Survey