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  1. pdf 78k 27 Feb 2019

    CIB #333 IGA Review Issues Paper MOR MPR effect and guidance notes…

    IGA Review Issues Paper_MOR_MPR_effect_and_guidance notes_Advisory body
  2. pdf 36k 15 Feb 2019

    CIB #332 Automated Electronic Registration of Transfers, Caveats and…

    Automated Electronic Registration of Transfers, Caveats and Withdrawal of Caveats,-Caveats-and-Withdrawal-of-Caveats.pdf
  3. pdf 38k 14 Feb 2019

    CIB #331 Land Services SA Brand Launch

    Land Services SA Brand Launch
  4. pdf 70k 6 Feb 2019

    CIB #330 Budget Measures Legislative Changes

    Amendments to Real Property Act and Real Property Regulations enabling Registrar General to Recalculate and Collect Transfer Fees on the Correct Value.
  5. pdf 279k 15 Jan 2019

    CIB #329 Ministerial decision regarding further mandating of…

    Changes to Prepare Priority Notice Screen
  6. pdf 53k 10 Dec 2018

    CIB #327 Office-of-the-Registrar-General-update

    Office of the Registrar-General update
  7. pdf 172k 14 Nov 2018

    CIB #325 Inter-Governmental-Agreement-Review-Survey

    Inter Governmental Agreement Review Survey
  8. pdf 178k 1 Nov 2018

    CIB #324 Inter-Governmental-Agreement-Review

    Inter-Governmental Agreement Review
  9. pdf 164k 25 Oct 2018

    CIB #323 Automated-Electronic-Registration-of-Mortgages

    Automated Electronic Registration of Mortgages
  10. pdf 69k 8 Oct 2018

    CIB #322 eConveyancing-Consultation-Feedback

    eConveyancing Consultation Feedback