Land Services SA is committed to investing in technology and innovation in South Australia. We have been active in delivering on our commitment through investments in several innovative solutions and partnering with technology start-ups in South Australia. This commitment is ongoing, and continued investment in technology and innovation will be critical to achieving our vision of delivering highly valued trusted services to the community and being recognised for the creation of innovative solutions.

Investing in technology to deliver improved products and services to our customers and the community:

  • Upgraded the South Australian Integrated Land Information System (SAILIS) by expanding the type of dealings able to be lodged electronically. This investment supports eConveyancing in South Australia, which delivers increased security and efficiency to the conveyancing industry and community
  • Introduced automated electronic registration for various dealings through carefully defined automated examination rules leading to improved processing times
  • Built a new Sales Comparison Tool for internal use by Land Services SA approved valuers. This tool, together with the procurement of updated satellite imagery and datasets, has been fundamental to delivering improved property valuation services to the State of South Australia
  • Enabled the consumption of Land Services SA products through an Application Programming Interface (API). This technology has delivered significant efficiencies for our clients, allowing them to build the data underlying the regulated searches and products into their workflows which has reduced data entry and double handling
  • Redesigned the Land Services SA website, offering improved navigation and support materials pertinent to the community and property services profession
  • Enhanced our Call Centre software with an interactive voice response tool, ensuring our clients speak to the right person the first time
  • Improved data quality within our internal workflows through the use of Robotic Process Automation
  • Integrated a new Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO). The entry of a new ELNO into the South Australian market promotes competition and offers a variety of benefits to the conveyancing industry and by extension, the community
  • Launched a new product, the Property Research Report, providing a comprehensive view of valuation and sales data for residential and commercial properties
  • Established a new Premium Consulting Service, offering industry professionals access to subject matter experts and a faster way to process plans, register dealings, and create titles. This service provides certainty to industry regarding the quality of their work and decreasing the likelihood of requisitions, and reducing, or in some cases eliminating holding costs for property owners
  • Developed a Digital Plan Examination tool providing Land Services SA examiners improved technology to examine plans digitally. This milestone is the first in a two-phase project with Land Services SA currently working with the industry to introduce the lodgement of digital plan files
  • Migrated several core Land Services SA applications to the cloud. This significant technology investment enables Land Services SA to further leverage AWS capabilities and native services
  • Implemented Robotic Process Automation within Land Services SA operations to redirect human resource effort to value-add activities.

Actively participating and partnering with the Start-Up culture of South Australia:

  • Engaging with South Australian business Nuago for desktop, network implementation, and Managed Services support. Working with  South Australian businesses is one of the ways Land Services SA is committed to supporting jobs in SA
  • Partnered with PointData, a South Australian PropTech start-up to deliver innovative, cutting edge products designed for the property industry.  Land Services SA distributes PointData products through our well-established SAILIS platform
  • Partnering with South Australian data analytics and artificial intelligence company Daitum to assist the feasibility and proof of concept phase of the Digital Plan Lodgement and Examination project
  • Opening our doors for the first Land Services SA’s Data Day, inviting members from across the start-up community and other business sectors to learn about opportunities to unlock our wealth of data to create value for our communities.