Land Services SA publish a range of information relating to products and services, as well as important notices on behalf of the Registrar-General and Surveyor-General.

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  1. pdf 63k 2 Apr 2020

    NTLP #227 Updates on Priority Notices

    Upates on Priority Notices
  2. pdf 234k 30 Mar 2020

    CIB #341 Bushfire Relief Measures

    Bushfire Relief Measures
  3. pdf 604k 23 Mar 2020

    Customer Announcement #007 Business Continuity Plan

    Similar to all companies globally, Land Services SA has established a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan so we can continue to serve our customers with minimum interruption in light of the of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We understand the important
  4. pdf 390k 20 Mar 2020

    Customer Announcement #006 Dealing with Residual Paper Settlements

    Earlier this morning a teleconference was facilitated by AICSA to work through the near-term logistical matters that have arisen as a consequence of the closure of the Settlements Room at 101 Grenfell Street Adelaide. This meeting was attended by
  5. pdf 631k 20 Mar 2020

    Customer Announcement #005 COVID-19 Update - Closure of the…

    As you would be aware, with the current COVID-19 situation the Registrar-General has announced that the allocation for a Settlements Room located at 101 Grenfell Street will not be available as at close of business Friday 20 March 2020. To enable
  6. pdf 189k 20 Mar 2020

    CIB #340 Settlements Room closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Changes to Prepare Priority Notice Screen
  7. pdf 62k 17 Mar 2020

    CIB #339 COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  8. pdf 81k 31 Jan 2020

    NTLP #226 Sympli approved to release Caveat and Withdrawal of Caveat

    Sympli approved to release Caveat and Withdrawal of Caveat
  9. pdf 77k 16 Jan 2020

    CIB #338 Upcoming Industry Forum

    Upcoming industry forum
  10. pdf 67k 20 Dec 2019

    CIB #337 Priority Notices Survey Results and upcoming training

    Priority Notices survey results and upcoming information sessions