Digital Plan Lodgement

In April 2021, Land Services SA and the South Australian Government enabled the lodgement cadastral survey plans in CAD DWG file format. This was a transformative change for the Industry, bringing plan lodgement into the digital age.

Digital plan lodgement was enabled through the:

  • Introduction of a new simplified and defined CAD Standard against which Cadastral Plans can be prepared
  • Introduction of a suite of purpose-built CAD Tools to support industry in the preparation of Cadastral Plans against the new CAD Standard
  • Introduction of a new pre-lodgement validation service that provides real time verification and reporting of the CAD Drawing File against the requirements of the CAD Standard and the Registrar-General’s Plan Presentation Guidelines
  • Automatic generation of the plan image for upload at lodgement into the South Australian Land Information System.

After a period of transition, in April 2022, the SA Government published NTLP-245, to advise that all plans lodged through SAILIS must be in CAD DWG format and prepared to the published CAD Standard.

CAD Standard

The CAD Standard developed in consultation with Industry representatives defines a standardised approach to the preparation of a drawing file. The CAD Standard coexists with the Registrar-General’s Plan Presentation Guidelines.

Sample Files

The following are examples drawings of common plan types that have been prepared in accordance with the CAD Standard. These are provided to assist Industry in the interpretation and application of the CAD Standard

CAD Tools

A suite of purpose-built CAD tools is available to support industry in preparing a drawing file that meets the requirements of the published CAD Standard. These CAD tools are compatible with the following CAD software packages:

  • AutoCAD
  • BricsCAD
  • MicroSurvey
  • IntelliCAD

To request access to the CAD Tools please contact LSSA via [email protected]

Instructional Videos

A series of short training videos have been created that focus on how to apply Land Services SA’s CAD Standard Template and Tool Palette for the preparation of DWG files for lodgement.  The instructional videos cover various common CAD software packages.


Pre-lodgement validation is initiated when a drawing file is uploaded into the Electronic Plan Lodgement Portal. Click on the link below to view a description of the validations that are currently being applied at upload.


If you have any questions on Digital Plan Lodgement or require support in adopting the CAD Standard, please contact the Digital Plan Lodgement support team [email protected]

Land Services SA’s Commitment to Innovation

Land Services SA is known for creating innovative solutions that deliver value to our clients and the Community, and as such we continue to invest in technology and innovation in South Australia.

The Digital Plan Lodgement solution is the first of its kind in Australia, with South Australia continuing in their proud legacy of being forerunners in property technology, services, and innovation.

The introduction of Digital Plan Lodgement demonstrates excellent collaboration and partnership between the State, Land Services SA, and Surveying Industry to deliver a solution that improves the quality of submitted plans and reduces costs to Property Developers.