Lodging Plans

Find out more about how to lodge a plan, and the requirements for preparing plans for lodgement. Read more
Two individuals examining architectural plans on a desk with a white safety helmet and a laptop displaying design drawings in the background.

Land & Subdivision

Land Services SA provide a range of information regarding Land Division for industry professionals and members of the public Read more
A construction worker in a reflective vest and helmet using a surveyor's level rod with another surveyor in the background using a theodolite at a construction site during sunset.

Community & Strata

LResearching Community & Strata Titles? Find all your support documents here. Read more
A couple embracing and looking at a modern two-story house with a well-manicured lawn and trees under a clear blue sky.


Find out everything you need to know about easements. What they are, how to find out if it is registered, as well as information to assist industry professional dealing with Easements. Read more
Two people working together on architectural blueprints at a wooden table with drawing tools and a yellow safety helmet visible.


Find out about how to amalgamate or combine one or more allotments to create one single parcel of land. Read more
A construction worker applying cement on bricks with a trowel during the construction of a wall.