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  1. pdf 44k 10 Oct 2019

    NTLP #223 Amendments to Real Property Act 1886

    Amendments to Real Property Act 1886
  2. pdf 417k 30 Sep 2019

    Customer Announcement #004 - Settlements Overflow Room

    inserted here…. As you would be aware, as a result of building works on level 3 at 101 Grenfell Street, the ‘Overflow Settlements Room’was temporarily relocated to the Boardroom on level 2. I am pleased to advise that these building works are
  3. pdf 65k 26 Sep 2019

    NTLP #222 National Mortgage Form and Certification Requirements for…

    Notice to Lodging Parties National Mortgage Form and Certification Requirements for Self-Represented Lessees
  4. pdf 53k 25 Sep 2019

    NTLP #221 Telstra Road Process Fee

    Notice to Lodging Parties - Telstra Road Process Fee
  5. pdf 420k 25 Sep 2019

    Customer Announcement #003 - Changes to the Document Collection…

    inserted here…. As of Friday 4 October 2019, Land Services SA will no longer be delivering requisitioned dealings and plans to the LTO Delivery Boxes situated in the Document Collection Room in the Atrium at 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. An,-Adelaide.pdf
  6. pdf 72k 3 Sep 2019

    CIB #336 Training Rooms at Level 3, 101 Grenfell Street

    Customer Information. Bulletin. Land Services SA T: (08) 8423 5000. Ground Floor, 101 Grenfell Street. Adelaide, South Australia 5000. E: [email protected] Subscribe online to receive news. from Land,-101-Grenfell-Street.pdf
  7. pdf 187k 27 Aug 2019

    NTLP #220 Subcontracting of Surveying Services

    Subcontracting of Surveying Services
  8. pdf 47k 5 Aug 2019

    NTLP #219 Release of updated Approved Land Registry forms and IGA…

    219 Release of Updated Approved Land Registry Forms and IGA Reveiw Draft Final Report
  9. pdf 80k 24 Jul 2019

    NTLP #218 PEXA System Release 10.1.0

    PEXA System Release 10.1.0
  10. pdf 71k 15 Jul 2019

    CIB #335 Priority Notices Consultation and Survey

    Priority Notices Consultation and Survey