Electronic Conveyancing

Electronic Conveyancing (eConveyancing) allows practitioners and financial institutions to lodge and settle conveyancing transactions in an electronic workspace provided by an Electronic Lodgment Network Operator.

This electronic platform enables parties:

  • collect transaction information and have it checked and verified for completeness and compliance
  • prepare instruments and reports to register changes in property ownership and interests
  • settle financial transactions, including payment of duties, taxes and disbursements
  • comply with the tax and duty requirements of revenue offices
  • lodge instruments with Land Services SA and receive confirmation of their lodgement and registration.

Electronic Lodgement Network Operators

The only approved Electronic Lodgement Network Operator in South Australia is Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd (PEXA).

To find out more, including information on becoming a subscriber in PEXA visit www.pexa.com.au.

Mandatory Electronic Lodgement of Documents

The Registrar-General has mandated the electronic lodgement of the following documents:

DealingDealing Executed on or after
Stand-alone Discharge of Mortgages3 April 2017
Stand-alone Mortgages12 February 2018
Stand-alone Refinance transactions (i.e any combination of Mortgages and Discharges of Mortgage)12 February 2018

The Future of eConveyancing in South Australia

The Office of the Registrar-General recently undertook a preliminary stakeholder consultation program to gather industry feedback about the future of eConveyancing in South Australia.

The feedback from this process has been collated in the Future of eConveyancing Stakeholder Consultation Report.

The Registrar General's  South Australia presentation on the current state of eConveyancing in South Australia from the Future of eConveyancing Forum is available for download.

For more information on eConveyancing in South Australia, or the Future of eConveyancing Stakeholder Consultation Report, please contact the Office of the Registrar-General at [email protected]

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