Electronic Conveyancing

Electronic Conveyancing (eConveyancing) allows practitioners and financial institutions to lodge and settle conveyancing transactions in an electronic workspace provided by an Electronic Lodgment Network Operator.

The electronic platform enables parties to:

  • upload transaction information, which the system then checks and verifies for completeness, accuracy, and compliance
  • prepare instruments and reports to register changes in property interests and ownership
  • settle financial transactions, including payment of duties, taxes, and disbursements
  • comply with the tax and duty requirements of revenue offices
  • lodge instruments with Land Services SA and receive confirmation of their lodgement and registration.

Electronic Lodgement Network Operators

There are two approved Electronic Lodgement Network Operators (ELNO) in South Australia:

  • Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd (PEXA)
  • Sympli Pty Ltd (Sympli).

To find out more, including information on becoming a subscriber to lodge dealings electronically, visit www.pexa.com.au or www.sympli.com.au

Mandatory Electronic Lodgement of Documents

The Registrar-General has mandated the electronic lodgement of the following dealings. These dealings represent approximately 92% of the total dealings lodged:



Dealing Executed on or after


Discharge of Mortgage*

3 April 2017



12 February 2018


Mortgage (change of proprietor name)*

12 February 2018



3 August 2020


Discharge of Encumbrance

3 August 2020



3 August 2020



3 August 2020


Withdrawal of Caveat

3 August 2020


Transmission Application

3 August 2020


Application to Register Death by Survivor

3 August 2020



3 August 2020



3 August 2020


Surrender of Lease

3 August 2020


Surrender of Underlease

3 August 2020


Transfer of Mortgage

3 August 2020


Transfer of Encumbrance

3 August 2020

Exemptions to mandated electronic lodgement

There will be exemptions for documents where it is still necessary to lodge in paper, including a transitional period for inflight transactions. More information about exemptions will be made available on this page soon.

The Future of eConveyancing in South Australia

As additional documents become electronically enabled in the future, the Registrar-General will notify industry through the issue of a Notice to Lodging Parties (NTLP). A transition period will be provided before these new documents are also mandated for electronic lodgement.

Industry Training

To assist practitioners to transition from paper to electronic lodgement, training will be made available. Details about training and support, and where they can be accessed, will be made available on this page soon. In the interim, practitioners may like to contact the ELNOs to find out how they can assist their transition.

Consultation on eConveyancing in South Australia

Since the introduction of eConveyancing in South Australia in 2016, the Office of the Registrar-General has undertaken significant formal and informal stakeholder consultation about the future of eConveyancing. Particularly, in 2019, the Registrar-General consulted widely with industry, including through field visits, and concluded that majority support exists for mandating eConveyancing.

Feedback received prior to this initiative through formal consultation remains available for your information:



Future of eConveyancing Stakeholder Consultation Report

31 July 2018

Publication regarding an industry survey on the topic of eConveyancing

2 August 2019

Public Forum on the “Future of eConveyancing”

22 August 2018

Publication of industry Survey Results

8 October 2018

Creation of Land Titling Advisory Group

13 December 2018

Publication regarding further mandating of eConveyancing

15 January 2019

Mandating of eConveyancing

3 August 2020

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