Title Watch

Title Watch is an online subscription service that monitors activity against a selected certificate of title. When activity is detected, a subscriber will automatically receive an email and an optional SMS alert.

How to Subscribe

Property owners can access SAILIS as a guest user and complete their subscription under the 'Land search' menu.

Conveyancers and practitioners with a SAILIS account should log on and complete their subscription through the 'Land search' menu.

Up to 20 certificates of title can be included in a single subscription.

To create a subscription, you will need the following:

  • details of the property (property address, certificate of title reference, plan and parcel reference or valuation assessment number) - this information can be found on any rates notice - ie SA Water, Council, Emergency Services
  • email address - all notifications are sent by email
  • mobile phone number (optional) - this will enable an SMS alert advising that an email notification has been sent (international numbers are accepted).

What you need to know

Activities that Trigger Notifications

Purchase of a Property Interest Report or Form 1 product

These are typically ordered by a real estate agent when a property is being listed for sale. The products provide information about government agency interests in a property for inclusion with the Form 1 contract.

Lodgement of a Priority Notice

A Priority Notice is a notice lodged against a certificate of title or crown lease which reserves priority for an upcoming land transaction. A Priority Notice is generally lodged by the purchaser’s conveyancer or solicitor up to 60 days prior to the date scheduled for settlement. Subscribers will be directed to SAILIS to view the details of any Priority Notices lodged over the title they selected.

Lodgement of a Document

Types of documents lodged with the Land Services SA include transfers, mortgages, leases and caveats.  Subscribers will be directed to SAILIS to view the details of any documents lodged over an affected title.

Cancellation of a Title

Titles may be cancelled as a result of a land subdivision, amalgamation, or where a transaction may require Land Services SA to issue a new certificate of title. Where a title is cancelled, subscribers will be directed to SAILIS to view the new title reference that has been issued.

A subscription will automatically carry across to a newly created title. You can remove new titles from your subscription.

Title Watch Notifications

Once subscribed, Title Watch users will receive a range of notifications.

  • Subscription confirmation -  a summary of title watch subscription details and selected titles.
  • Alert notification - informs the subscriber of the activity which has triggered the notification.
  • Renewal notification - generated four weeks prior to subscription expiry.
  • Unsubscribed notification - informs the subscriber of any titles that have been unsubscribed from their subscription.
  • Details updated notification - informs the subscriber of any changes made to their subscription (i.e. name, email or mobile phone number).

If more than one subscribed title experiences activity, all those titles will be included in a single notification.

Managing a Title Watch Subscription

Every notification displays a link to manage a subscription. Subscribers can:

  • update their details - eg name, email and mobile phone number
  • create a new subscription
  • select titles to unsubscribe
  • select titles to renew.

Subscriptions must be renewed every 12 months. Renewal notifications will be sent four weeks prior to the subscription expires.