Researching a property?

The Register Search PLUS is a great tool to provide you with the information you need when researching a property. It’s quick and easy to order and great value for money!

The Register Search PLUS provides the current ownership details, detail of any easements over the property, confirms boundaries and area as well as copies of the dealings registered against the property like Encumbrances, Agreements, and Leases. This information is necessary when completing development and planning applications and is helpful for researching a property.

This Register Search Plus is used by industry professionals including conveyancing practitioners, real estate agents, surveyors and valuers, as well as buyers and sellers of property.

So, what is included?

  • A copy of the Register Search (the authorised copy of the Certificate of Title or Crown Lease, confirming ownership, land description and constraints such as Easements & Encumbrances)
  • A copy of the plan (an image of the plan including measurements, angles and bearings) – this is used to confirm parcel area, boundaries and easement data.
  • All dealings listed in the Register Search schedule are included (images of any registered dealings e.g. Encumbrance, Leases, and Mortgage information).

REGISTER SEARCH PLUS can be ordered by:

Selecting ‘Register Search PLUS” from the ‘Land Search’ menu in SAILIS and search for the desired property using one of the following:

  • Title reference
  • Address
  • Plan/parcel
  • Valuation number.